Customer testimonials pull back the curtain and allow your audience to see that your company is made up of strong, hard-working humans who give your business its reputation. Putting a testimonials page on your website is worth considering. In fact, according to a recent Local Consumer Review Survey by Bright Local, consumers read about 10 online reviews before they feel like they can trust a business. These star ratings can help your business, but an effective testimonial can take things a step further. On top of that, a B2B Content Marketing Trends Report shows that customer testimonials are the most effective form of content marketing to 89% of marketers. The accompanying images make the testimonial even more powerful.

The brand uses both video and written formats to deliver its message to prospects. While customer can appear in many formats, there are still some common guidelines to follow regardless of your chosen approach.

These reviews should be used as customer for your business because they can be quickly uploaded and shared to your company’s website. They can be screenshotted and then posted on the home page for customers to see, or they can be quoted and reformatted on your site. Instead of making the customer search for your good reviews, bring the reviews to them and prevent navigation away from your site. One of the simplest ways to obtain customer feedback is just to ask willing customers to provide it in an interview.

Creative Testimonial Examples for Your Website

I would recommend creating a new page for ‘testimonials’ this is because some of this content might not add instances of keywords and locations we are targeting. Nice article to know about the with the examples. Every tip in this post so far is about increasing conversion rates. But this little bonus tip can increase your traffic as well. If the testimonial includes a target keyphrase, it can increase the relevance of that page for that phrase.

  • Use audio or video.Text mashups just look like gigantic blocks of quoted text that nobody wants to read.
  • Letting your customer speak their truth in a video is one of the most authentic opportunities for a testimonial.
  • Whichever option you choose, be sure to avoid these common email mistakes when writing to your clients, like using a misleading tone or reaching out at an inappropriate hour.
  • And it’s why many add hero images to their testimonials.

While don’t always need to be ornate, we love how this particular testimonial draws us in with its eye-catching design and evokes the brand’s identity overall. The testimonial section is located toward the top of the homepage so that website visitors are guaranteed not to miss out on the positive reviews. Once you’ve created a testimonial page, don’t forget to promote it. Send it to the customers you featured, your sales staff, and even to your other customers if you think they’d be interested.

A Marketer’s Guide to Creating Evergreen Content That Lasts (Infographic)

Often, the consumers of interview won’t even realize they are testimonials. The best interview testimonials play out just like an interview and let the results speak for themselves.


Rather than directly describe Greig’s character, the barclay reviews use anecdotes to reveal his creativity, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. Happy customers are gold for your business, not just because they buy but also because they add value to your marketing strategy. This clever testimonial from Glossier doubles as an upsell to viewers. If they like a look that one customer uploads, they can shop the products used directly from the testimonial. This reduces friction in the customer journey and increases Glossier’s likelihood of closing a sale.

Show your product in action

Her testimonial page includes quotes, videos, and plenty of pictures showing not only how Amy uses Xero but also showing off her interests and personality as well. This makes Amy’s testimonial more relatable to Xero’s target audience because it feels genuine. And, since we feel like we know Amy through her page, we’re more likely to trust her testimonial.

Here, the testimonial begins with the buyer’s objection, before continuing with praise and ending with an eventual overcoming of the initial skepticism. You would think a quote and a hero image is enough for a prospect to buy something, right?

Video Testimonials

Customer interviews can be an excellent way for your business to ask customers about specific aspects of your business and how they played a role in Forex brokers their success. This format allows you to show off your different products and features and lets potential leads see their real-world application.


Check Google Analytics or Wix Analytics for data on your most visited website pages. Placing on these pages will guarantee that users will see them, which, in turn, might persuade them to convert into customers. Now that you’ve seen some creative testimonial examples, you’re probably wondering where to place them on your website. As you may have noticed, some people place them on a testimonial page, while others place them elsewhere on their site. The testimonial box also grabs the user’s attention with its illustrated vector art.

Tips for Landing More Third-Party Reviews (& Why Your Customer Service Team Should Care)

Pictures increase conversions in many cases because it’s easier for prospects to identify with buyers. When 161 Driving Academy replaced their stock hero images with images of real people, they increased their conversion rate by 161%. Keep your testimonials simple.Video may work the best, but does anyone really have the time to record themselves? Provide a few options for your client on how they want to provide that testimonial, whether it be in video, audio, or written form. Don’t make the entire story about your company.Weave quotes and results into the story but focus on the transformation the client went through. Success story testimonials can also work in other industries, not just the health and fitness industry.